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Korean Gold Pot

RM 25.00

Korean Gold Pot

Tall - 14cm (1 pax portion) - Good for single portion of ramyun.
Tall - 16cm (1-2 pax portion) - Good for sharing 1-2 packs ramyun.
Tall - 18cm (2-3 pax portion) - Good for sharing 2-3 packs ramyun.
Flat - 20cm (2-4 pax portion) - Good for displaying food eg. Tteokbokki.

Korean Gold Pot made with aluminium which heats up quickly, suitable for fast cooking.
This is NOT suitable for dishwasher/ coarse sponges/ hours of long time boiling.
It is common to have light scratches at the outside of the pots.
It does not affect its function.
Let's have Ramyun in Korean traditional way~!

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